How can we help?

Problem solving is a great skill if you have it, all to often we hear how people struggle with what they believe to be impossible maths.  

You may be learning for school, work or general interest (pub quizzes are full of fun maths questions)!

Or, and this is what we encounter the most, you are trying to explain to your child how to do something you last did 20 years ago. 

The following questions are only to give us a rough idea of the level of help you are seeking, have a look at them and ask yourself, your child or friend if they can do any of them.  Then select the first one you cannot do…

If you are able to answer all of them and need help with something more advanced, perhaps degree level maths, complex numbers, applied maths, etc, please drop us a line. 

We can help people at all levels and have tutors with a 1st Class degree in Mathematics right through to hobby physicists who just love learning new stuff!

We are conducting our own research into the causes of anxieties in maths and, if you would like to let us know how you cope, please drop us an email.

In it’s worst form, we can see people restricting themselves and their careers due to the worries they have – we believe Career-Limiting Anxieties in Maths  is a real thing and you can find out more by contacting us.

To find out what CSI Maths is, please visit our About Us page.